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Oral appliance therapy has emerged as an important alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, especially for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is also seen as a viable alternative for those who cannot wear the CPAP devices due to various reasons. However, many physicians, insurance companies and employers, especially those in the transportation industry, prefer CPAP because of its ability to record whether patients are being compliant with their therapy.

There is now an oral device available with advanced technology built into it to measure the patient’s compliance and has the ability to measure and record the amount of time the device is worn and even the head position of the patient while sleeping.

This has become of paramount importance for transportation workers, many of whom are mandated to record their OSA treatment by their employers, since the president signed the sleep apnea bill in 2013 (H.R.3095).

SomnoMed has developed the SomnoDent with Compliance Recorder which is the first and only oral device to feature FDA cleared advanced compliance recording in the USA. This modernization of oral device treatment drastically changes the way oral device therapy is viewed in comparison to CPAP.

The benefits of SomnoDent with compliance recording
Uniquely Compliant 96% of patients would continue using their SomnoDent device
Highly Effective 15+ independent clinical studies demonstrate SomnoDent efficacy
Uncompromised Accuracy Measure hours worn & head position and delivers daily summaries
HIPAA Secure - Cloud Based Your patient & practice records are secure & accessible from anywhere
Technical Specifications Includes a thermal sensor, accelerometer and micro-recorder (5 year expected life). SomnoDent devices offer up to a 3 year device warranty.

Whether you are a patient needing to reliably track your compliance with an oral device, a physician looking for an alternative for CPAP-intolerant patients or a dentist needing a solution for patients who are transportation workers, SomnoDent with Compliance Recorder offers you the solution you’re looking for.

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